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No meaning. Just 2 page in my fan comic(unfinished)

Maybe after I finish them all I’ll ask my friend translate to English and upload,if she is free


—You are coming with me anywhere, aren’t you?

—Yes, of course…



“You’re so weird.”

“You have no idea.”

Lion King versions of Thor and Loki.

I have to blame both Kat-cardenas and Fornax for this one. Attempting to alter my style to something more Disney-ish, mixed in with a bit of Fornax was really, really hard. Fun, but hard. And I ended up reverting to my old tricks anyway.

Bad brain. Bad.

oh my god, i want to stare at this forever


- date a man who loves his mom
- date a man who has a beautiful smile
- date a man who knows how to use a hammer
- date a man who saves the earth
- date thor, i’m talking about thor


Thor: Season One

Yet another version of Thor’s origin story in which he ends up being exiled because of his love for Loki. Surprise surprise.



色を絞って描くのって難しい_(:3 」∠ )_