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The way that Thor is holding Mjolnir makes it look like a steering wheel or something. Thor is driving an invisible limo while Loki lounges in the back. 

he is so ready for them to do each other’s hair and share their dreams and then pretend to call girls so that they have an excuse to make out on their sleepover




Young Jotun Loki with young Thor. And, it is more Eidolon fanart. Though I picture Eidolon!Thor with less comic book like clothes, I couldn’t get myself out of this once I begin searching colours. I guess the awesomeness of the fic goes for more realistic and accurate clothes but while I was searching I found the awesome art of Chris Samnee and well… next Thor I do will have different clothes.

I’ll post two versions of this because this is the wip I came to like more than the actual one xD


… Thor your hair is annoying.

I´d like to dedicate this to the beautiful Ingeborg and her porn spams. I never drew anything for you! It´s about time.


Just another stolen relic. Thought I’d try something a little different. A slightly more cartoonish style. Let me know what you think?


Loki’s costume based off a rejected design for Thor.


stress drawing i never posted from last year, i didnt like enough to but my art has taken such a dive it looks p okay now. political marriage au where thor marries loki. and like all my au ideas everything is adorable, thor has cute hair and babies.


Loki enjoys teasing his brother. When they’re not trying to kill each other, Loki will pop into the Avengers headquarters and drop a line or two before magicking away.