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stress drawing i never posted from last year, i didnt like enough to but my art has taken such a dive it looks p okay now. political marriage au where thor marries loki. and like all my au ideas everything is adorable, thor has cute hair and babies.


Loki enjoys teasing his brother. When they’re not trying to kill each other, Loki will pop into the Avengers headquarters and drop a line or two before magicking away.


deeplycreepy answered: Thorki set under the spell of beauty and the beast (aka walking and talking furnature etc)


I may have strayed from the prompt but I had such a strong visual for this one. 

Thor insisting that no, Loki was not a monster and he needed to stop even thinking that way because that kind of deprecation only breeds more negativity. And of course Thor’s naive view of the world is getting right under Loki’s skin.

Loki who’s exiled himself to this palace to avoid the scorn and hostility of people. “They will accept you, Loki”

"How would you know, you simpleton, you have not even seen my face!"

But Thor is insistent and keeps pressing Loki until eventually he lashes out ^^ followed by.

"I told you - I’m a monster."

But yes, angst and all that 8D


Here is the tale of a quest to recover a kingdom swallowed by flame,

The return of the King, and how he proved himself worthy of fame;  

Here is the tale of an elven prince, fair as starlight, raven-haired,  

Who fought at his side; here is the tale of the love that they shared.

"Let me tell you a tale of the elder days, when mighty men and wicked monsters still roamed our Middle Earth; when the shining elves still sung in the shadow of the silver trees and the deep-delving dwarves still dwelt in the bones of the mountains. Let me tell you a tale of one of the greatest of all the heroes of that past age, the golden King, he who was called the Thunderer before he recovered his crown and his kingdom, he who founded that great Kingdom of Men now lost and forgotten, who made his home in the Realm Eternal, the jewel-bright city of Asgard, high amidst the clouds…"

The Lay of Loki written by amberfox17 (a little collaboration between me and Amber who shares my love for elf hair and elf!loki. Thank you for writing this beautiful drabble!)  


Commissioned again by treemuse for her Thorki wedding project using her costume designs as reference for their outfits.

Thorki wedding? *fangirl squirming* 


Name Day presents; Mjolnir and Toothgnasher

Thor Swap submission! I was assigned to grumpykevin who wanted Thor recieving Mjolnir and Thor with small animals! Sorry its not a kitten but the temptation to draw a fire-breathing baby goat was 2much.