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And the reason everyone love Lottie is because holy hell does she exceed expectations.

Not only is she openly best friends with a colored woman, something downright shocking for their time period, right when you expect her to yell at Tiana for embarassing her and ruining the beignets intended to win over Naveen, she doesn’t. She immediately helps the poor girl in the house, cleans her up, and gives her the prettiest dress she has. Who honestly saw that coming?

And my god, the ending. She’s ready to kiss the frog, and get the prince she’s always wanted, and the moment she finds out Tiana loves him? 

She agrees to kiss him so he and Tiana can get married. No strings attached. And she’s crying tears of joy because Tiana finally found her man. She loves Tiana that much.

Lottie is a character who came out of nowhere, is spoiled sweet, and won over everyone in the theater. And she looks damn great doing it.

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((Another thing! Look at the stars Ray and Evangeline turn into:

Now look at the stars leading to Neverland:

They’re the same stars! Ray becomes the Second Star To The Right! 

Also here’s Evagaline:

Here’s the wishing star form Pinochio (I couldn’t find a better pic ok?) 

Evangeline is the blue fairy. And Tatiana wished on the wishing star, and she got her wish after a long journey, periles, and finding what was important to her. Just like when Gepetto wished for Pinocchio to be a real boy. ))




Oh my god. No wonder Ray loved her so much aaaaaugh

o-oh my gosh….

Mind. Blown.









There are a lot of things that I love that The Princess and the Frog did (finally a black princess! finally a REAL STILL-ALIVE MOM!) but my favorite is always Tiana and Charlotte and their amazing friendship.  Tiana loves her so dearly and Charlotte is so supportive and caring of Tiana!  BEST FOREVER.

Seriously, look at those top two gifs and IF YOU DON’T FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS, I don’t know what to even do.

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For once I love that there is a rich friend who isn’t stuck up and is very caring.

And the best part is, they COULD have made Charlotte a spoiled bitchy brat but they didn’t. I mean yes, Charlotte WAS spoiled, but when it came down to it, she was always supportive of Tiana. Even in the end when she could have been jealous about her getting a prince something she’s wanted her whole life, it was never an issue. 

I remember watching the film thinking it was going to be an issue, that the subplot in the movie would be Charlotte plotting against Tiana or something for having (or in the process of getting) what she always wanted, a fairy tale ending.  But it never was and I’m so happy for that. They were always best friends first and foremost, and Charlotte was never condescending or anything towards Tiana, just supporting, loving, and caring. Same for Tiana for her. 


That was my favorite thing about this movie, too!

I always forgive PaTF for it’s flaws because of these two. God. They rock.

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All of the designer princess watercolours in one image.  Texture from here, originally from the Disney Store website.